Video Game Projects

"Anjellyca" as well as "Monster Princess" are student projects created in the effort to learn game development. These games were created with 4 person teams in the span of one Semester. In both these titles I served as the main programmer of the team, and all the assets created by me are respectively listed on their dedicated pages.
If you are feeling a bit adventurous why not give them a try?


What are Ukagaka even?

This page lists Ghosts/Ukagaka I have made or participated in over the years. They run on the baseware SakuraScriptPlayer and utilize Yaya as language.
Ukagaka are in their essence japanese Desktop Buddies. If you don't know what that means- let me explain. They are little characters displayed on your screen that can do various things. For example, emptying your recycle bin, tracking time, setting alarms or even serving as tasklists. Or something as simple as being a dress up game. Most however are supposed to entertain by providing company to the user and having lots of dialogue as well as interactions.
If you're intrigued, be sure to check out the webring on the left and test out some Ukagaka!

How to install SSP (On Windows)

1. Install from the official website
2. Open SSP.exe
3. Right click and click "English" under "Language". Restart.
4. Now you can drag any ghost onto the start up one and they'll automatically install.

How to install SSP (On Mac/Other OS)

As SSP is intended to be run on Windows and I only own devices with Windows, I cannot detail the workarounds used properly to run it on different OS, so please drop into the Ukagaka Server and look for resources. Thanks for your understanding.

About me

I'm Chisaki Broschinski, currently studying Animation and Game at the H-Da. While I do have skills in animation and illustration, I focus mainly on game programming.
I want to reach an era of properly debugged video games where we don't need to see frames drop just because we went a bit too close to the water and some developer thought it was a great idea to render dozen entities with all their code and hitboxes that can't even be encountered.

  • Unity C# - Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code
  • Base experience in C++/Java/Html/CSS
  • Experience in 2D/3D animation - Blender/Maya
  • Stylized Illustration - Clip Studio Paint/Basic Photoshop
  • Fluent in English and German
  • Personal weakness: Design


Anjellyca - get ready for a jiggly jello world

Jiggly Jelly Anjellyca


Ever wanted a physics based wacky jump and run platformer puzzle game without jumping?

Anjellyca is exactly that, a mix of heavily movement oriented gameplay and interesting puzzles sprinkled in-between. Can't jump? No problem, you can make do by dashing, becoming one with objects and moving as them as well as making the world of physics work for you.
Wait. You didn't want a physics based wacky jump and run platformer puzzle game without jumping? But c'mone aren't you at least a bit intrigued?


  • Platform: Windows
  • Controls: Xbox/Playstation/Switch Pro controller or Keyboard and Mouse
  • Developed with Unity engine


  • Marlene J√ľngling: Linkedin
    Roles - Vision Keeper, Sound Manager, Assistant-Programmer, Tech Artist, Game Designer
  • Liam Hermann: Linkedin
    Roles - Production Manager, Game Designer, VFX, SFX
  • Sophie Leikina: Linkedin
    Roles - 2D Artist, Concept Artist, 3D & Tech Artist
  • Josia Meyer
    Roles - Sound Designer, Sound Creator
  • Chisaki: Linkedin | Tumblr
    Roles - Main Programmer, UI-Designer

Personal contributions

  • UI images and implementation
  • Character Controller
  • Framework: Save system, level system, settings, input implementation (new Unity input system)
  • Support and restructuring of Tolltips
  • Menus for interactable objects
  • Misc: Jelly wall behaviour, Marble run script, Ice shard collectible and inventory, Jelly trampoline
  • Bugfixing support for everything

Monster Princess - a somewhat different love story

4 Levels including a tutorial stage
Build your own dungeon layout
Figure out the best traps and paths to kill your enemies


Get ready to revive your lost love.

In this Tower Defense game you're a monster, madly in love with a deceased human princess. By defending your tower from those who want to slay you, you gather their souls to finally reunite with her. Build your own dungeon layouts, utilize skills and traps while being enraptured by amazing sprite based fully animated artwork. Experience 3 different endings related to your highscore, and watch the story play out.


  • Platform: Windows
  • Controls: Keyboard and Mouse
  • Developed with Unity engine


  • Jenny: Instagram
    Roles - Vision Keeper, Illustrator (Endscreens, Title image)
  • Aaliyah: Caard
    Roles - Production Manager, 2D Artist
  • Melissa: Instagram
    Roles - 2D Artist, Rigger
  • Aron Frankenberger: Website
    Roles - Sound Designer, Sound Creator
  • Alexander Primus: Website
    Roles - Sound Designer, Sound Creator
  • Chisaki: Linkedin | Tumblr
    Roles - Programmer

Personal contributions

  • UI implementation
  • Summary: All the code
  • Long version: Integration of the 2D navmesh package, Character controls, Enemy behaviour, Traps and upgrade system, Health/Fight system, Dungeon Build mechanic, Unity implementation of sprites/animations (with the help of Aaliyah)/levels, Framework of levels/scenes/save states

UF!Sans Ukagaka

Sans Ukagaka Phonecall
Sans Ukagaka Menu


Ever wanted to be foulmouthed by your favorite edgy skeleton?

Well, now your time has come! He can lounge around your desktop, blast your favorite music in a handy included music player (due to sudden changes in behavior of the code this became unavailable), empty your recycle bin, tell you a bunch of terrible jokes, the current time or little alarms you can set for yourself, speak to you, learn about as well as react to your actions and much much more.
He is of course, based on my own headcanons (but watered down to appeal to more people), instead of official designs. Sans also features animations, that can however be turned off after the first boot!

THIS IS AN HONEST WARNING! Underfell Sans swears, curses you out depending on your relationship with him and features extremely dark and tasteless jokes.
They are off by default but can individually by topic be turned on in the settings menu. If jokes overlap multiple topics they will be disabled as soon as a single one of the related topics is disabled to avoid accidentally triggering the user.
The setting of this Ukagaka's universe is really really dark. While the hostility towards the user goes away over time when you befriend him, most of the dark topics never fully leave.
As such if violence, swearing or cursing are upsetting to you please refrain from trying him out, he will not be enjoyable for you.


  • User defined pronouns and name.
  • Animations (toggleable).
  • An own feelings, mood system and relationship.
  • Jokes (dark humor can be toggled off & filtered).
  • Head and face pat interaction.
  • Ask sans menu.
  • Random dialogue (frequency changeable) and KoFi supporter thanking dialogue.
  • Interaction with other UF characters (Grillby, Papyrus, Alphys) through phone calls.
  • Games: Coin throw, Rock Paper Scissors, Tic Tac Toe, Gold Digger.
  • Shop and inventory system.
  • Safe file backup.
  • Hidden events.
  • Utility functions: Alarms, Hourly reminders (toggleable), Empty recycle bin, Fix PC clock, Calendar, Change desktop image, Battery notify, Email check, RSS feeds.
  • Currently inaccessible: Music player, Program shortcuts


  • Change/Chisaki: Tumblr
    Art, animation, coding and most of the dialogue was done entirely by me. Any helpers for bugfixing and dialogue are credited in the ghost. The following utility functions are through plugins that were provided by really amazing coders from the Ukagaka community: Empty recycle bin.

Snail Collab Ukagaka

Snail Ukagaka


Want a little comfort buddy?

Snail is just a little bean that can hang around your desktop and try on many different clothing combinations! You may even get her to ramble about her interests like a couple curious rock facts perhaps? Maybe watch her sing to herself? Galla, Misu and me made her over the course of a week for an event, but afterwards decided to smooth out her errors and add more clothing items.


  • Fully customizable look through dress up options.
  • Self care tips.
  • Facts.
  • Random dialogue (frequency changeable).
  • Currently inaccessible: Various unlockable dialogue.


Squid Collab Ukagaka

Squid Ukagaka


Low-key adorable low-key threatening

Squid offers it's vast knowledge of the multiverse, the incredible ability to morph its colors and can even keep track of the fickle human creation that is time.


  • Customizable look of both speech bubble and squid colors.
  • Cares about your species and your home planet of course. Oh. And about your name as well as birthday I guess.
  • Squid sounds.
  • Random dialogue (frequency changeable).
  • Count-down as well as Count-up. How neat.